The Art of Gratitude

As we begin the mad rush of preparations for family gatherings and kayaking into a sea of mashed potatoes and gravy, I’d like to pause for a brief moment to reflect on what it means to dwell in gratitude. No, I don’t mean to visit the dictionary definition or word origin, but the meaningfulness of living a life in a gratuitous state.

The art of practicing gratitude has been a life-changer for this publisher. Just one short year ago,  I found myself caught amidst a corporate downsize, and was escorted out of the front door of a company I’d spent five years building, learning, branding, marketing, and loving. It was an appendage, really. Like many Americans, my work was mpaper-dolls-14611y life, and quite often unbalanced. Sadly, I allowed my career to become my identity.

It was a long and grueling grieving process, which turned into six months of unemployment catastrophe. Financially, I lost everything; personally, I gained much more. Sure, it was heart-wrenching to be displaced from my home, lose my income, and start over. But here’s the thing: I needed to clean house and get back to living a passionate and purposeful life. As I’ve learned, and I’m sure you have, too, things do happen for a reason.

During my period of metamorphosis, I rediscovered something about myself that I’d forgotten. Isn’t it funny how that happens? What I remembered is my deep-seeded desire to support women. It’s always been deep-rooted inside me, yet I journeyed to a place that didn’t foster or promote mentorship, collaboration, or empathy. Corporate life is a chess game, and I learned to play with the best. The phrase “There’s no crying in baseball” could be easily switched out for “There’s no humanity in business.”

While rebuilding a life and identity, it is common to go back to a time when you felt hopeful, happy, and inspired. I did the same, and Girl on the Write Publishing was born.
I fell in love with the creative nonfiction genre before it was the cool thing to write. And through the process of my own writing, I grew in ways that I wouldn’t have otherwise grown. It is this very thing that I want to explore with other women who have stories to tell. Their voice is important and deserves to be heard. Whether it is a cancer battle, divorce, rape, relationships, motherhood, or your general observations on being on this great big rock, I want to meet you!

What does the art of gratitude have to do with publishing, you ask? It has everything to do with publishing! I want you to know who I am, what I’ve been through, and how I got through it. And I want to know the same about you. This is what makes me your partner. We aren’t that different, honestly. I have resources and industry know-how that you may not have, and I want to use these tools to pay it forward for others. I received so much love and support from unexpected sources during difficult times, and this is what I can do to show love and support to others. This little publishing company is built and run on the principles of gratitude, and it’s founder will walk the talk.

I am incredibly grateful for the past year. I am grateful for the hardship and the triumph of the past year. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to serve women and champion their voice.


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