A Publisher’s Differentiator

As Girl on the Write Publishing was forming, a host of discussions took place regarding the category in which we fit. Many terms were brought to the table, including partner publishing and hybrid publishing. As the founder, and the vision-holder, I was not thinking in terms of labeling our identity as a small publisher.  Because labels are the way the world works to identify services, philosophies, and the like, it was important for me and my team to know where we fall.logo

When I was first inspired to start a publishing venture, I was solely author-minded. I attribute this to being an author myself, and the needs/wants that I’ve inventoried in relation to my own experiences. One thing that I strongly believe in is that an author should absolutely keep all creative rights to their work. As a nonfiction writer, this is especially true. Nobody has lived my life, perceived events like I have, or express my thoughts, feelings, and insights in quite the same way. I consider myself a “word painter” who is unique and cannot be duplicated. Why should a publisher own any part of what’s mine? Girl on the Write Publishing does not own or keep the rights to an author’s original work.

Unlike a traditional publisher, we do not extend advances to our authors. We are a small start-up that provides services to authors who desire to get their stories (real life stories) in the hands of readers. Although we are technically a for-profit entity, we are focused on being a vehicle to empower and inspire women. We support female authors, who, according to latest statistics, are grossly underrepresented in the creative nonfiction genre. That said, our desired author partners are not those who are looking to get rich on their first (or at all) published work. There is a lot of competition out there and it is a reader’s market. We want to work with authors who are focused on being a positive force to lift up and build up others.

Not everyone that has a story to tell is a writer. This is an important point, especially since most great stories are withheld due to whether the story holder has a grasp on writing
mechanics. Personally, I find this an obstacle worth overcoming. Girl on the Write Publishing provides fee-based services to non-writers, and writers alike, who need help with putting their best work forward. We also provide commission based services for those who provide us with an edited, proofread, formatted, ready-to-go manuscript. We do have quality standards where our reputation is concerned. As a non-traditional publisher, we can’t afford to put out unorganized, poorly written junk. That has been a major problem with the self-publishing market. In this regard, we are a full-service, author-centered publisher. We take pride on the relationships we build with our authors.

So where do we fit? By definition, we are a hybrid. By that same definition, we are also your partner. Have I mentioned that I abhor labels? Whatever our critics or supporters choose to call us, we are happy to be where we are as a team. For me, the president and founder, I am proud of the authors we work with, the commitment they have to their work, and the pride of reaching an audience where they can make a positive impact. Words hold power.

Disclaimer: I am not fond of labels, and maintain that Girl on the Write Publishing is my own original creation based on my years of experience as an author, editor, and entrepreneur.


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