Michigan Author Celebrates Memoir Launch and Gives Back



April 25, 2017


Media contact: Tina Truax



Michigan Author Celebrates Memoir Launch and Gives Back,

Raising Funds for Abused Children in Midland County

MIDLAND, Mich., April 25, 2017 – According to the American Society for the Positive Care of Children, more than 58,000 children in the US were sexually abused in 2016. In her memoir, Girl on the Right: Memoir of a Life Upside Down, Tina Truax, a Midland resident, recounts her experience of childhood sexual abuse, ensuing depression, and how she proceeded to build a life of armor. Transcending story-telling, however, Truax inspires as she shares her life-changing realization that hiding is not living. Through her prose, she answers the critical question, “how do survivors of trauma move from just surviving to thriving?”

The book’s first chapter, “Digging to China,” recounts Truax’s first abuse at age 4. Despite the gut-wrenching topic, readers are moved to a place of optimism and are drawn forward through the author’s journey. Truax writes, “I reject that I am a victim, and celebrate that I have survived. But even in the surviving, there are landmines.”

Released April 19th, 2017, Girl on the Right is a thoughtful expose of author Tina Truax’s many attempts at fitting in and behaving according to society’s unattainable standards. After a mental breakdown at age thirty-four, Truax took a closer look at where life had taken her and chose to move forward on her own terms. With Girl on the Right: Memoir of a Life Upside Down, she throws expectation to the curb in the pursuit of a life of truth and authenticity. She opens her memory box and recounts her darkest moments, unexpected joys, and her ultimate journey to healing and self-acceptance. Inspired by a social media poster call-to-action to Be the Girl on the Right, which encourages women to not let themselves be defined by society’s standards and stereotypes, Truax shares trials and misadventures as recovering church lady, wife, mother, friend, fat girl, and childhood sexual abuse survivor. Now, a champion and mentor for women, she proves by example what it means to Be the Girl on the Right.

From the start, for Truax telling her story has always been about acknowledging and inspiring other survivors of trauma, supporting the journey from surviving to thriving, and advocating for women and children. It is appropriate then, that she kicks off the celebration of her book launch through a partnership with Safe & Sound Child Advocacy Center.

After learning about their upcoming Superhero 5k Fun Run & Walk, Truax reached out to organizer Stephanie Parker, offering her support via her author platform, to bring awareness to the event. “I welcome readers and fans to join me as I walk in support of our community’s most precious citizens – our children.” Truax states, “I will be dressed up as my favorite superhero, the Girl on the Right. Her superpower is reaching beyond surviving to thriving. She is not a victim, although she’s been victimized.” Truax will be on-site and available for interviews throughout the event.

The Superhero 5k Fun Run & Walk will be held on Saturday, May 6, 2017, in Midland. The 5k begins at 4:00 PM along the Pere Marquette Rail Trail. To learn more about the event, visit http://www.safeandsoundcac.org/ or contact organizer Stephanie Parker at parker@safeandsoundcac.org.

The formal book launch celebration for Girl on the Right will take place on Sunday, May 7, 2017, at Creative 360 in Midland, from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM. In addition to traditional book launch festivities including book signing, Q & A, and a reading, the event is also a fundraiser for Family & Children’s Services of MidMichigan (FCS). Proceeds from all book sales during the launch party will be donated to FCS. To learn more about FCS, visit http://www.fcs-midland.org/ or contact Betty O’Neill, Director of Fund Development, at boneill@fcs-midland.org.

In addition to opportunities for interviews during the Superhero 5K on May 6th and the Book Launch Celebration on May 7th, Tina Truax is available for comment by phone: 989-205-8191 and email: tina@girlonthewrite.com. Learn more at www.tinatruax.com.

To arrange an on-site interview with Tina Truax during the Superhero 5k, and/or book launch celebration, please contact Dalene Manges at yourdaydreamevent@gmail.com.







A Publishing Start-Up: Key Learnings in the First Year

Taking your business to the next level, especially as a start-up, can feel incredibly daunting. It doesn’t matter if you have five years or twenty-five years under your belt  as a corporate executive, new ventures are fickle creatures. I’ve been balancing my time between author and publisher in the past year, which has provided key learnings about time management, focus, and taking on far too much. I don’t recommend it.

As the leader of the Girl on the Write Publishing, it is up to me to set the example that will allow my wonderful team to produce the best work for our authors. If you are spread too thin, unfocused, and simply exhausted, how is it possible to produce the kind of quality books that will ultimately build your reputation as an up and coming independent publisher? Why would any author choose to work with you?

I mentioned the “key learnings” of the past year in the beginning of this post. Here they are:

Do not launch a business and product (a book is a product) at the same time.

Should be obvious, right? Why would anyone take on building a marketing and branding strategy for both at the same time? A crazy, driven, CRAZY entrepreneur, that’s who (raising my hand). I won’t do this again, and from my lips to God’s ears, I won’t ever have to.

Have your branding 100% in place before doing a soft launch of a product of business.

I know, I know, thank you, Captain Obvious. Launching both is an accomplishment and joy. When you have an entrepreneurial spirit, this crunch time and “against all odds” stuff is intoxicating. We love to create and nurture our business babies! Don’t do this. The result of launching before you’re ready is stress, and always running to catch up. Just because you have a kick-butt logo in hand doesn’t mean you are ready to go public. The whole fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants has no place here. Heed my warning, people!

Figure out which comes first – your product or your business.

Usually one is dependent upon the other, as is the case with starting a publishing company. Girl on the Write Publishing is working with a handful of authors as I type this post. Our author partners are excited to share their stories with the world, and for most of them, this is their first time being published. That is important stuff, my friends, and a big deal to us! Of all the publishing routes they could’ve taken, they chose us. It doesn’t matter that we’ve vetted their manuscripts and chose them first. By signing on, they entrusted us with their words, reputation, and establishment in the industry. Again, that’s a big deal! The moral of this learning is that you need to thoroughly and thoughtfully analyze what you need in place before doing the other. For a publisher, there feels like no clear path, which is why I made the choice to launch the business before publishing our first book. Most authors have no desire to sign on with an unknown publisher that lacks a track record, am I right?

I close this post with a heartfelt message: To those who’ve taken on the risk of working with a new, unknown publisher, we humbly and gratefully thank you for your trust, and the opportunity. The Girl on the Write team will work tirelessly to make your book exactly as you’ve envisioned.

– Tina Truax, President