Maiden Voyage of a Publisher’s Blog

I’ve been avoiding the first blog for a few days, as the pressure to share and write something equivalent to “What is the meaning of life?” has been weighing heavily. After a year filled with research, market analysis, how-to, and business strategy, I am ready to take a breather. But I digress. Dream chasers hardly have time for breathing.

I AM A PUBLISHER! *flailing Kermit arms*

What We Are Working On

The Girl on the Write team is working on a great manuscript, with a launch date of March 8, 2017. Why is that significant? It is International Women’s Day! What better way to honor the women we champion than to publish a memoir about being a woman? Okay, so the book is about a lot more that womanhood, but it exists at the core. We believe you will find it a fun, witty, and relatable read. The author is the embodiment of these traits, and is looking forward to sharing her story.  Wait until you see the book cover! It is a must read.

More on that in the weeks to come!

Start-Up, Schmart-Up

We’ve been working cross functionally to launch Girl on the Write Publishing across the World Wide Web. Even with a well-planned and thoughtful marketing  & promotion strategy, there is always something. Am I right? Every day we are implementing new tools to reach writers and readers of creative nonfiction. Today we’ve targeted social media. I am happy with our initial presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This is the first real platform that we’ve targeted, and can’t wait to see how we are received.

Social Media & The Publisher

What they say is true, “It’s all about who you know.” The benefit of social media in the launch of a new business in invaluable. While most entrepreneurs have at least a minimal network in their arsenal, building and maintaining that network will pay off in wonderful ways. This is especially true for publishers. As I’ve come to learn, the more visible you are across multiple platforms, the bigger return. That also means consistent branding and messaging. That’s why you will see our GW logo stamp used as the main profile photo across all social media accounts. I can’t say enough about brand recognition and the importance it plays in building online relationships. Yes, one must be a good marketer as well as a publisher. We have all that covered!

Thank You!

Finally, as I close out our very first blog post, I’d like to extend my sincere appreciation, on behalf of our amazing team, for taking the time to support (and consider, I hope!) Girl on the Write Publishing. Your loyalty is a gift!