Submission Guidelines

*Girl on the Write Publishing is currently accepting narrative nonfiction submissions*

Thank you for your interest in Girl on the Write Publishing!

Our content requirements are simple: Submit manuscripts that explore issues which impact women, and that provide uplifting, empowering, and inspiring messaging.

We are passionate, dedicated champions of women, and want to hear how you beat the odds, kicked down doors, and changed the course of your life!

We love bad ass survivors who are now “thrivers“!

Submission Specifications:

  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt.
  • Spacing: Double
  • Page Numbers
  • File Format: Word or PDF
  • Cover Letter (in body of email): include a synopsis of your book, proposed title, approximate word count (we prefer no less than 50,000), and your author bio.
  • Send your submission to:

NOTE: For manuscripts that are not complete or haven’t yet been written, it’s okay! Provide us with the cover letter as outlined above, and complete the questionnaire below. Not having a fully written manuscript will not discount you from consideration.

In a separate Word document, please answer the questions below (copy & paste) and attach to your submission email:

  1. What is the theme of your book?
  1. What inspired your book idea?
  1. Do you have prior writing experience?
  1. What is your current knowledge of the publishing process/industry, if any?
  1. What is your goal in publishing your book?
  1. What is your understanding of author rights and royalties, if any?
  1. What is your understanding of book marketing and promotion, if any?
  1. Do you have a title in mind for your book?
  1. How do you envision the cover of your book?
  1. What is your understanding of the book editing process?
  1. What are you hoping for in your publishing experience with Girl on the Write Publishing?
  1. What publishing formats are you interested in for your book (print – hard cover and/or soft cover, eBook, audio)?
  1. What is your understanding of current book distribution trends, if any?
  1. Do you have additional book ideas that you would like Girl on the Write Publishing to consider?
  1. Book promotion often requires authors to invest a portion of their time. Are you able to provide the time investment required to promote, in partnership with Girl on the Write Publishing, and support a customized marketing/promo strategy for your book?
  1. What is your skill level and comfort with word processing software such as Microsoft Word? Do you possess basic formatting competencies (setting margins, text style, headers & footers, etc.)?
  1. Have you started writing your manuscript, or are you still in the idea development phase?
  1. Do you have a working book outline, including chapter titles and structure?
  1. Objectively, how would you describe your writing proficiency? Grammar?
  1. Do you possess formal writing education through high school, college, or professional development?

Please fill out the questionnaire  as thoroughly as possible. Your answers will provide our team with an understanding of the support and time commitment it will take to produce your book. This will also allow us an understanding of how we can support and educate you, the author, throughout the publishing process.